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Young Deep Cleansing Scrub


4.890 kr

Young Deep Cleansing Scrub 75 ML

With activated charcoal granules that remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation.
It is good for your skin, if you scrub it 1-3 times a week as needed. When scrubbing the skin, you remove dead skin cells which makes it easier for your skincare products to penetrate the skin and do their work. As an extra bonus, scrubbing your skin also improves blood circulation which provides your skin with a healthy and beautiful glow. 

Deep Cleansing Scrub is with natural charcoal granules. Not only does charcoal exfoliate your skin but it also cleanses your pores and absorbs excess oil from skin. Furthermore, the scrub contains soothing liquorice root extract and moisturising castor oil that reduce irritated skin and nurture your skin with moisture. 

Therefore, your skin will feel softer and smoother after meeting with Deep Cleansing Scrub.

AllergyCertified, vegan, dermatologically tested, and fragrance-free. 

Deep Cleansing Scrub contains:
  • Natural charcoal that cleanses your pores and reduces oily skin by absorbing excess oil from skin.

  • Organic Aloe vera that provides skin with a cooling and protecting layer. Good for unclear, irritated, and dry skin.

  • Organic almond oil which is moisturising and softening.

  • Natural castor oil that provides skin with longlasting moisture.

  • Natural liquorice root extract that soothes irritated skin and is rich in antioxidants

When scrubbing your skin, you remove dead skin cells which makes it easier for your other skincare products to penetrate the skin and do their work. 

Avoid using the product on wounds or pimples.