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Glove One Size


2.190 kr

With Ecooking’s Glove, you are guaranteed an even and beautiful result when you apply Self-tanning Mousse. It is especially good for applying self-tanner to your hands and feet, which may otherwise be the places that reveal that you have grabbed the self-tanner.


We recommend that you wash the glove with water and let it dry completely before first use. Scrub the skin the day before using self-tanner. Moisturize the skin well before using the Self-tanning Mousse, remember elbows, knees and feet – wait a few hours before applying the foam. Apply a small amount of Self-tanning Mousse to the glove. Massage the mousse onto dry and cleansed skin in circular motions, to achieve an even and uniform result. Repeat to achieve a deeper color. Wait a minute after applying the mousse before getting dressed.

If necessary, you can rinse the glove in lukewarm water and wash it with a mild soap.